Corporate FAST 7-Day Intensive

It is our tradition to begin each year with a set time of FASTING and PRAYER.  This year I feel God has directed me to do it a bit differently than in years past. I want to inform you of what I feel in my heart and encourage you and your family to prepare for this important season. 

We will embark on a 7-day Intensive Corporate FAST beginning on Sunday, January 15th.

You can choose from one of three fasting options below:

  • Water only for the full seven days
  • Fast from sun-up to sun-down each day
  • The Daniel Fast

During these 7 days, I would like for you to sign up for a time to PRAY. The goal is to fill each 24-hour period with someone praying around the clock.

We will also host in-person PRAYER opportunities at the church, with the building being open from 9A-9P each weekday Monday through Friday. Saturday night, January 21st will be corporate prayer from 6-7P. We will still have our regular Sunday & Wednesday service times.

Additionally, there will be a 5-class course on PRAYER hosted on Sunday, January 15th through Friday, January 20th at 7P (Wednesday will be midweek service). You can register for this course for free.

Finally, on Sunday, January 22nd we will break our fast by sharing communion together in all 3 Sunday services. Details regarding these opportunities, as well as sign-ups, and registrations can be found at EVENTS.THEKINGDOM.CENTER

I want to encourage you to prepare yourself NOW for these 7 powerful days. 

Follow the links below to jump start and finish strong throughout your fast.

1. Three Fasting Options: Water Only, Sun-up to Sun-down, or The Daniel Fast
2. Daily Devotional together on You Version Bible APP

3. 24hr Prayer sign up

4. 5-part Course on PRAYER at 7P nightly starting Sunday, Jan 15th

5. In-person Prayer begins Sunday from 6-9P and then is open M-F 9A-9P

6. Corp Prayer Saturday, Jan 21st at 6-7P

7. Communion Sunday, Jan 22nd