What an incredible Easter weekend we just experienced! I pray you encounter resurrection power in your life today. I want to thank God for every soul saved and for every seed that was sown. If you have a Focused Seed in the ground, NOW is the time to start looking for the harvest you've been believing for. If you haven't sown, we want to give you that opportunity. You can sow your Resurrection Seed at FOCUS.THEKINGDOM.CENTER

I believe that once we put a seed in the ground, we have a lens through which to look into the harvest. As we stand believing, God responds to the seed sown in faith. Those of you that have sown, I want you to know Pastor Steph and I are standing with you. I want to remind you that no farmer sows a seed and then walks away never going back to look at the seed they've sown. I want you to go back daily and make declarations of faith over that seed.

When that harvest comes in, I want to praise with you. Let me know by going to
TESTIFY.THEKINGDOM.CENTER Send me your testimony, because that is what builds the faith of those that are still believing for the miraculous. Pastor Steph and I love you. We're so thankful and proud of the faith you have shown. We are ready to shout with you over your harvest.

Get Your Best Seed in the Ground NOW!!