Every farmer knows that there are three necessary ingredients that make up a harvest: SEED, SOIL, and SEASON.  The right seed, sown into the right soil, during the right season creates the expectation of a harvest. No farmer expects a harvest until he has placed a seed in the ground, but after he sows, he immediately begins to make preparations for the harvest that is to come.  He can see fields overflowing with abundance through the lens of the seed that he has sown into fertile soil in the appropriate season.  It is that vision of the harvest that compels him to sow. 

The season that you sow in is as vital as the seed that you sow.  Knowing WHEN to sow is just as important as knowing WHAT to sow.  When God the Father sent His Son, His seed into the world, timing was important!  He couldn’t plant Him in just any season, it had to be Passover.  Our salvation is proof of the potency of this season to produce a supernatural harvest.  The Father’s seed only laid in the ground for three days before it sprung up yielding the harvest of the ages.

This season has been an unprecedented one in our country.  It has led to fear and panic as the culture responds to the Coronavirus.  It has caused us to realize just how fragile life on this planet can be.  For the first time in my lifetime the doors of the church have been closed as families have been asked to stay at home.  In the natural it would be easy to respond with fear; but fear never put a single seed in the ground!  My spirit cries out “THIS IS OUR TIME - THIS IS OUR SEASON!”   

In Genesis 26:12 the Bible says that “Isaac sowed in famine, and in the same year reaped a 100-fold harvest.”  Nothing about Isaac’s season would have signaled that it was time to sow, he just knew it was time!  He didn’t allow the signs in the natural to distract him from responding to God’s voice, and because he was obedient, he reaped a 100-fold harvest. 

As this Passover season quickly approaches; I want to encourage your faith.  What are you believing God for?  What area of your life do you need a 100-fold harvest?  On Easter Sunday God has given us a window of opportunity to sow a Resurrection Seed!  How we respond will determine the harvest we reap.  Faith looks beyond the natural and sees the power and potential of the right seed, sown into the right soil, in the right season!  Steph and I can’t wait to sow with you and your family this Easter - our harvest is waiting!!


Speak Your Seed.
Plant Your Seed.