Family, I want to take just a minute today to talk to my family, the dearest people, to my heart. I can't describe the Easter weekend that we have just come through, the adjectives fall short of portraying how beautiful, impactful, powerful that those few days of Passover were to our ministry, to all the lives that were born again.


I want to say thank you to every volunteer. You warm my heart today to think about your diligence, your commitment, and your faithfulness. And I am in anticipation. My heart is exploding with expectation because we have a seed in the ground. We've been declaring "Let There Be" since the turn of the year. We've been taking God's word and declaring it, according to Isaiah 55, knowing that it refuses to return void.


I want to say this – you have put a sacrificial seed in the ground And Your time is not finished! You’ve attached your faith to a seed. Now it’s time to learn to harvest. I declare faith to that seed. Faith that releases the miraculous breakthrough that you are believing God for. Hold on to it. Continue to speak over it.


We want to hear your testimonies. I don't care when it happens or how big or small it is. Whatever you're believing for when God does it. I want to hear about it because my favorite part of this resurrection seed season is getting to testify about the works of God. Now we're in that
in-between time between Passover and Pentecost. I believe this is an explosive moment for the miraculous.


Pastor Stephanie and I love you. We appreciate you and the faith that you have displayed. And we're waiting to hear about your miracle. LET THERE BE.


Speak Your Seed.
Plant Your Seed.