Day Eleven

Jesus gave us strict instructions regarding fasting in Matthew 6:16-18.  First, He told us when we fast to not be like the hypocrites with a sad countenance.  Those people would fast and disfigure their faces so everyone would know that they are on a fast.  Fasting is between you and God and not the world.  In verse 17, He says that you should anoint your head and wash your face.  Basically, look normal during this process.  He instructed us to do this in secret, because the Father, who sees in secret, will reward openly!

Those who fast and live a fasted lifestyle, position themselves for an open reward from the Father!  Don’t tell people you are fasting who don’t understand what you’re doing or who wouldn’t pray with you during this time of consecration.  Let’s challenge ourselves during this season!  During these twenty days of fasting, don’t forget to spend time today reading the Bible, worshipping God in your private time, serving in our church and your community.  And set aside that dollar for every member of your family so when we break the fast together on Sunday, January 26th each member of your family will be able to sow in that offering.  We will close our 20:20 fast with a worship night for family and friends that Sunday evening.  We are anticipating what God is going to do in us and through us during these twenty days.

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