My Resurrection Seed Testimony Turns 15 Soon

We are excited to share with you concerning Resurrection Seed. Nineteen years ago this revelation changed our lives, and I believe it will change your’s too.

As you set your heart to sow a sacrificial seed into the most fertile soil of the year, I want to encourage your faith in the Lord. In 2001 I became pregnant with our second child Rylie. Early in the pregnancy, after our first ultrasound, the doctor notified us that Rylie’s bowels were growing outside of her body. He informed us about the complications that would follow and the concern that he had for my health as well as the baby’s survival. He gave us our options which included abortion, and then told us he would give us two weeks to make a decision.

Of course, this was shocking and heartbreaking news. Most often we don’t have any control of what happens to us in life, but we always have control of how we respond in these moments of great difficulty. We refused to allow this news to cause us to lose focus on God and His ability to move in us and perform miracles. We did what we had been trained to do in times like these. We sowed the greatest seed of our lives! When we need a breakthrough, often times God responds by putting a seed in our hands. What we do with that seed will determine our future.

Needless to say, when we went back to the doctor two weeks later, the report was of amazing, supernatural healing; and Rylie is about to turn 15 years old in just a few weeks!

I want to challenge you as you prepare to give your BEST seed during Resurrection weekend. Your breakthrough is in your seed! We look forward to sowing along with you. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies that come as a response to your faith.

God bless you,

Pastors Ronnie & Stephanie Harrison