Resurrection Seed 2018

I am ready to shout already as it is Resurrection Season!  The stone has been rolled away.  That thing that’s been blocking your breakthrough has been removed, and your dead things are coming back to life.  I sense a newness in this season that will permeate every area of your life.


twenty years of breakthrough revelation

Revelation is the key that unlocks the doors of your future.  There are some revelations given to us by God for specific trials or seasons of testing in our lives.  There are other revelations that God releases to His people that seem to flood every aspect of our lives. They provide for us a pattern for breakthrough and victory regardless of what we are going through.

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since I heard the revelation of Resurrection Seed for the first time, and my life has never been the same!   

When God wanted a family, He sowed a Son.  This was a BEST SEED.  Resurrection Seed is about you and I sowing our best seed.  Jesus was also a sacrificial seed; which means it was beyond what was normal.  God didn’t sow His Son in just any soil, He sowed Him into the fertile soil of PASSOVER!  That ONE SEED has released a harvest of salvation to all who would believe. 

All year long we respond to God by giving 10% of our income in tithe, but this one time a year on Easter weekend, we respond by giving it all.  Our all is our best seed, a sacrificial seed, ONE WEEKS INCOME!  As we enter this Resurrection Seed season, I pray that you would allow God to speak to your heart, and to stretch your faith concerning what you will give.  Your breakthrough is waiting for you to RELEASE THE INCREASE!


Power in the Release

God is raising up a remnant that fully believes that “it’s our time”.  It’s our time for freedom!  It’s our time for healing!  It’s our time for the blessing and favor of God.  It’s time to release the increase.

nothing leaves heaven until something leaves earth

I want to focus on the word RELEASE. Release is defined as setting something FREE from confinement, or to give something up in favor of something else.  The power of the harvest is always generated by the faith it requires to sow the seed.  It’s not the size of the seed, but rather the size of the faith it takes to sow it that moves the hand of God. 

In Luke 21, the widow woman only sowed two mites.  Her seed was relatively small in comparison to the gifts that were given by others.  But in the eyes of Jesus, who was looking on with interest, she had given more than them all.  She had not given a large gift by man’s metrics, but the faith that it required for her to give was enormous.

Nothing leaves heaven until something leaves the earth.  Your RELEASE is necessary if you desire to RECEIVE a harvest.  But, if you can’t see the harvest, it’s more difficult to release the seed.  If you truly believe that the release of the seed also means the release of your harvest, sowing the seed is exciting.  You are giving something up in favor of something else.  That “something else” may be the salvation of a loved one, a physical healing, or a financial breakthrough.  Whatever you are believing for becomes available upon the RELEASE of your seed.

As you prepare to sow your Resurrection Seed, a sacrificial best seed, remember there is power in the RELEASE!

Seed in the Face of Need

This Easter season I want to encourage the faith on the inside of you to RELEASE the seed that gives way to your INCREASE!

sowing when the circumstances make it seem counter-intuitive

2 Kings 4 provides for us an important model of how we are to “Release the Increase”.  The story is set around a widow woman and the prophet Elisha.  The woman was in a moment of extreme need.  Her husband had died and left her with a mountain of debt. The creditors were coming to take her two sons, which were her seed, as payment.  Never forget that the devil’s chief aim is to “steal, kill, and destroy”.  Often, he begins with your seed.  Debt is a ploy of the adversary to make men slaves to his will, to crush our hope and expectation for a future.  

The tests and trials of life can complicate the release of your seed.  It seems counter-intuitive for us to sow in moments where we are experiencing great pain or lack in our lives.  In these seasons, our NEED can loom so large that we become blind to the obedience and faith that God is waiting on us to exhibit.  However, God uses these opportunities as the catalyst that creates CHANGE in our situation!  The RELEASE that is made in moments of great trial are the most important seeds you can sow.
There was a MIRACLE waiting on her obedient faith response.  She could drown in worry, doubt, and fear; or she could step into INCREASE. What will your response be to your tests and trials?  Will you be overcome with fear and worry; or will you step out in faith and RELEASE THE INCREASE?

This Easter season I want to encourage the faith on the inside of you to RELEASE the seed that gives way to your INCREASE! 


The Harvest You Need Comes From the Seed Within Your Reach

First, what are you specifically asking of God? Secondly, what do you have in your house?

The ability to recognize your seed is critical

In 2 Kings 4, the Bible tells the story of a desperate widow woman, and the prophet Elisha.  The loss of her husband had left her with a crushing debt that was going to cost her the life of her two sons.  She cried out to the prophet for help and he responded by asking her two questions. “What do you want me to do for you; and what do you have in the house?”
Any time you are believing God for a miracle, you have to be SPECIFIC.  What do you want Him to do for you?  As you prepare to sow your Resurrection Seed, you must direct your SEED toward your NEED!  To do that your faith must be focused on the object of its desire.  What are you believing for God to do in your life?
The prophet Elisha asked, “what do you have in the house?”  The seed that will produce the harvest of your miracle is always something within your reach!  God never asks us for what we don’t have; but He will often ask us for what we want to keep.  The ability to RECOGNIZE your seed is critical.  If you eat your seed because you didn’t recognize what it was, you will forfeit your harvest.  What do you have in the house?  Can you IDENTIFY the seed that God has placed within your reach?
This Resurrection Weekend I invite you to join me and my family as we release the increase in our giving.  Identify your seed.  God has put something in your house, within your reach, that will bring the INCREASE!

Be encouraged! As a sower, you will always have seed.

The story of the widow woman and the prophet Elisha recorded in 2 Kings 4 provides helpful insight to anyone who is believing God for a miracle in their lives. The widow was in a moment of extreme need. Her husband had died and left her with a mountain of debt, and the creditors were coming to take her two sons as payment.

Her Release would give way to increase

The Prophet asks her a riveting question that I believe bears our consideration. He asked, “what do you have in the house?” Her response identified her seed. “The only thing I have is a pot of oil”, replied the widow woman. She was down to almost nothing - ALMOST! God’s promise was that He would give seed to the sower. If you are a sower you will ALWAYS have seed! This meager pot of oil would be the seed that would RELEASE THE INCREASE.

You know the story, she borrowed vessels at the Prophet’s demand, and then she POURED. Her obedient sacrifice opened the door for her miracle. She continued to pour until every vessel had been filled. Her RELEASE had given way to INCREASE. The power of her debt had been broken and her sons were saved!

On Easter Weekend we will be releasing a BEST SEED, a sacrificial seed, into the most fertile soil of Passover. I want to challenge and stretch your faith to believe God for a supernatural seed. As you release it by faith, watch it INCREASE to meet your need. Steph and I can’t wait to worship with you and your family this Easter!