We are in such an exciting season. God has been moving, speaking and leading so strongly in every service. There is a tangible, spiritual momentum that is drawing people from the four corners of our city. While we are waiting for many to return to in-person services, God is adding new people with hungry hearts.

As the crowds continue to grow each week, there is a growing need for SERVANT LEADERS, or volunteers, in several departments. The strength of any local church lies in the core of those that LEAD and SERVE. It’s so important in seasons of growth and revival that we expand the circle of those that are serving the body. At some point, we will need to add a third service to the weekend to make sure we are providing opportunities for all of those that God will send. Those decisions are made much easier if we can grow and expand the volunteer base.

If you’ve never served at The Kingdom Center in any capacity, or maybe it’s been a while since you have served, I want to ask you to prayerfully consider getting involved TODAY. I believe that each of us are our best selves when we are following Christ’s example as servants. Our spiritual growth is dependent upon our willingness to give of our time and use our gifts to build God’s house.

There are several area’s that I would like you to consider as the need in these areas is the greatest. One of those areas is in Kingdom Kids. Our children’s ministries are so critical to the vision of the house; and our little world changers are worthy of our greatest efforts. I need some strong husband and wife teams as well as some young creatives to join our kKids team, even if it’s only for one Sunday service a month. I’m also needing men to join the brotherhood of our UPS (Ushers, Parking, and Security) Team.

No matter where you have a heart to serve, I want to invite you to sign up today at SERVE.THEKINGDOM.CENTER If you are new and haven’t yet gone through our kLife class, go ahead and sign up and we will work through the process with you. I look forward to serving alongside you very soon!

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In kLife, we've poured our vision, core values and our unique culture into each lesson. This class is for adults 18 and over and childcare is provided. Give us four consecutive Sundays during our 10:30am service and we will equip you for involvement in everything The Kingdom Center has to offer. Four weeks. Four classes. For YOU. For HIM.

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