What a Gift | Christmas Offering

Dear Church Family,

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”  My heart is always warmed this time of year when I see the lights being hung, the trees going up, and the kids start turning in their wish lists.  All very good signs that winter has come bringing with it a celebration of “Joy to the world, the Lord has indeed come”.

As a parent, I love this season!  The wonder on my kid’s faces when they are about to open their gifts has never gotten old.  We have a tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve night.  We enjoy a good dinner, and then we settle around the tree to read the Christmas story.  I give a short talk on “the reason for the season” and all the while my kid’s attention is squarely on the packages wrapped so beautifully under the tree.

As the kids have grown into teenagers, I have noticed a very welcomed trend.  Now days they are concerned about the gifts that they have picked out to give each other.  When they were much younger, they were only concerned with what they would GET.  Now they are equally focused on what they get to GIVE.

This Christmas, I wonder if just for a moment, we would consider what we will GIVE.  NO OTHER SEASON underscores the miracle of giving like this one.  God so loved the world that He GAVE!  The GIFT He gave to us on that first Christmas morning testified of the Love it took to give it.

On December 24th, Christmas Eve morning, we will be joining together for a very special morning of worship.  I want you to take a moment and consider WHAT YOU WILL GIVE?  I invite you to join Steph and I for a moment of Worship where we too FOCUS ON GIVING.  God bless you!