2021 Fast Day Ten

Day #10


James 2:10-13 TPT “For the one who attempts to keep all of the law of Moses but fails in just one point has become guilty of breaking the law in every respect! For the same One who tells us, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” Now if you don’t commit adultery but do commit murder, you are still guilty as a law-breaker. So we must both speak and act in every respect like those who are destined to be tried by the perfect law of liberty, and remember that judgment is merciless for the one who judges others without mercy. So by showing mercy you take dominion over judgment!”


In Christian culture, we deem some sins worse than others, but this passage of scripture takes a sledge hammer to that ideology! Honestly, it takes it a step further and says if you break one law, you might as well have broken them all. How grateful we are for AMAZING GRACE! How powerful a charge we are issued here…to SPEAK and ACT in every respect like those who are destined to be tried by the perfect law of liberty. You know what that tells us? That we are FREE from the power of sin. For us to speak and act like we are captives to sin, is beneath our destiny! Whatever happened to a healthy fear of God? You know the kind that keeps you living upright before Him. The kind where when you set out to do something you know is sin, that you feel this weightiness, like you can’t live until you know you’ve made things right with the Lord? We need a healthy dose of that in our lives today. Wrapping this up, James warns us that for those who judge others…that judgement is merciless. Let us not be found guilty of that. Let us be brothers and sisters who show mercy to one another, because when we do we take DOMINION over judgement! That is so powerful!

Consecration: Sin

Listen, if it looks like sin, smells like sin, sounds like sin, tastes like sin, or feels like sin, RUN!  God is coming back for a Remnant Bride! A bride without spot or wrinkle! Not for a Bride who is seeing how close to the line of sin we can step and still be ok. If that is our posture, we need to get all the way saved.  This is what fasting is about. Less of us and more of Him. Where we empty ourselves of carnality and allow the Lord to purify us. Today, let’s ask the Holy Spirit to show us the sin in our lives that is seen and unseen, sins of omission and commission. And when He does, let’s give thanks for the revealing and reject any feelings of shame or condemnation. It is the GOODNESS of God that leads us to repentance!