Mastering the Basics

As a child I was fascinated by the yoyo!  It didn’t have a screen, it didn’t post pictures or send snap chats, but that didn’t diminish how fun and challenging it was to play with.  I never was able to do a whole lot of fancy tricks, but I did finally learn how to do the basics.
The yoyo “basics” consist of three principles.  Those principles are release, revolution, and return.  These principles are a powerful lesson concerning our SEED and how it operates in our lives.
The first step is the RELEASE.  The rest of the process is dependent on this first step…and so it is with our seed.  What I want you to take notice of is that even when I release it, I’m still “connected” to it.  Seed may leave your hand, but it never leaves your life.
After the release comes the REVOLUTION…where the seed changes direction and charts a course back to its origin…finally making its RETURN.  If there is no release, there can be no return.  When it returns, it returns in the form of a harvest in every area of our lives.
On Easter Sunday we will be releasing a BEST SEED, a sacrificial seed into the most fertile soil of the season, the soil of Passover.  I want to challenge and stretch your Faith to believe God for a supernatural seed…and as you release it by Faith, watch it RETURN to be a blessing in your life.  I can’t wait to worship with you and your family this Easter!